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Industry Standards for Stainless Steel Fasteners: Ensuring Quality and Reliability

Introduction: Stainless steel fasteners play a crucial role in various industries, providing essential support and stability in countless applications. However, the quality and reliability of these fasteners can vary significantly. That’s why industry standards for stainless steel fasteners exist – to ensure consistent quality, performance, and safety. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance […]

Stainless Steel Screws – Strength and Durability for a variety of applications

Stainless steel screws are ideal fasteners under most circumstances and are known for their anti-rust and anti-corrosion advantages. The chemical combination of iron with alloy elements like chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and other molecules (in varying proportions) reinforces the strength of iron to form stainless steel with its strength, durability and resistance to heat, cold, water, and […]

India’s new National Stainless Steel Policy expected to be announced in early 2024

The Indian government will unveil the new National Stainless Steel Policy in early 2024 once it obtains approvals from the Steel Ministry and the Cabinet of India. The decision is in response to the challenges of foreign competition. The formulation of the policy has entered its final stage. The policy will set medium and long-term […]